Transition Therapy 

Artist Statement  



Threshold moments are points in one’s life where a pivotal decision must be made.  These decisions can be life-changing or life-altering. It is a point in which you draw a line in the sand and step over, never to return or turn back. Making this decision brings with it either the resulting benefits or consequences. Some changes are self-chosen, while others are thrust upon us unwillingly. Either way, we must find our way through it. This process is different for everyone. In the world of psychology, Transitions are thought of as the process of mentally navigating and accepting changes, no matter the outcome.

In my time, I have had to cross many of these threshold moments. Recently making decisions about divorce, retiring from a career in the military, starting a new family, and living in a foreign country have been just some of the decisions that have forever changed my path. 

My project Transition Therapy acts as the crutch in helping me mentally deconstruct my old world and build this new one. These images are the autobiographical representation of what has manifested because of my decisions and the transitions that have occurred to make my life what it is today. 

These are images of the people, the places, and the things that I interact and connect with. It is these personal connections that allow me to construct my mental world, understand the boundaries of it, and define my reaction to it.

Welcome to my life. 



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