Artist Statement  


Fronts, are the deceptions we give to others to hide true emotions while repairs or healing is taking place.  This project explores the idea of presenting a socially acceptable appearance to cover our vulnerabilities while being mentally gutted and reworked internally.  These fronts allow us to retreat inside and isolate ourselves from the view of others while still working feverishly through whatever ails us.  These fronts represent the protection mechanisms people put forward to not look weak while seeking acceptance from the herd.

The fronts that people use is similar to how storefronts or buildings are covered when work is being performed to present the new business.  During this renovation phase, old outlived equipment is thrown away to be replaced by new ones and old inefficient floor plans are updated.  This gives the place a new purpose, life, efficiency, and eventually a rebirth is revealed.  As one overcomes mental trauma or inflictions and we have found new purpose or meaning we reveal ourselves, we interact more with others, we invite people in to share what has happened, and to see the new self.


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