Doug B. Richardson is a photographic artist, writer, educator, and workshop instructor residing in the rural city of Kyllburg, Germany with his wife and two children.


A career in the military, as well as his career as an artist, has enabled Doug to pull from his many and unique life experiences as inspiration for his art.  Since 2016 Doug’s work has concentrated on the relationships found in the photographic medium and how he uses this to explore his world for perspectives that relate to matters of the human psyche.  His work explores the connections we all have to our environment and how that helps us defines our interactions with it.


While creating his work, Doug also discovered the therapeutic benefits of working with photography as an alternate approach to mental health treatment that has not reached its full potential. Working in both digital and analog formats, his processes of image making in conjunction with the final photographs serve as vehicles for his exploration and teaching endeavors.


Doug is an editor, writer, and workshop instructor for Silvergrain Classics magazine.  His efforts here keep him abreast of the latest trends happening in the resurgence of analog photography and allows him to share these experiences with the readers and workshop students from all over the world.


Please feel free to visit the different projects and to send Doug a message with any questions you might have.